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Asparagus are very easy to make. Start rinsing of any excess sand and then peeling them from a little bit down from the head to the stalk, make sure to go all around the veg as it is a must to remove all the peel. If your Asparagus has very thick peel, consider peeling them twice. Do not worry about the peels, set these side we will need them later on. Or throw them if you want to spoil good product.

Now for the cooking part. Put the asparagus in a big pot of water, or if you have one your asparagus pan. Add some salt to taste and let the water come to the boil, boil for about 4 minutes and turn of the heat. After 10 to 12 minutes check of the asparagus are done, by taking one out and if on your spatula or thongs it lightly bends and is most likely done.

Now you can serve the asparagus with cooked ham and egg and a hollandaise sauce, or with salmon. There are many delicious combinations

White Asparagus

One of these super simple summery recipe’s that actually is delish. Does not take much effort and if you are living in Germany, the Netherlands or Belgium you see people going absolutely crazy over Asparagus Season. Right of the bet the best advice is to buy them in season. Figure out when the season and buy them only then. Prices can vary tremendously (very expensive in the first week of the season to very cheap towards the middle or end of the season)


Yes you will see stalls with different qualities A, B, C etcetera. But what to actually look for…

You are not looking for the thickest asparagus, they plainly take too long to cook and you will overcook the outside and undercook the inside. In the same sight uniformity is key, about the same length between 20 to 25 cm and the same thickness.

Your asparagus are ideally as straight as possible this is mainly for peeling purposes. As you can then work faster, spend less time peeling more time enjoying.

In any case you are looking if the bottom of the asparagus is still wet and not split, broken or dried out. Please avoid those. Overall freshness is what you will be looking for.

The heads may be a bit yellowish, this is not a problem but the whiter the better in this case.


Ingredients for 4 – 6 servings

1.5 Kg. Asparagus

4 hardboiled eggs

150 g. boiled Ham

200 ml. Hollandaise sauce

Pinch of salt 

Black pepper al gusto 



Large pot or Asparagus pan 

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White Asparagus
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