Recipe Preparation

For the classic burger we are going to need quite some “mise en place” since when the burger is coming together everything has to move quickly, and nobody wants a cold burger. Start by getting the meat out of the fridge to let it come towards room temp. Already get your burger buns ready and cut in half.

The onions

With a mandolin make very thin rings out of the onion. Put in a bowl, cover with ample salt, about ½ tbs has to be enough. After 10 minutes add lukewarm water until the onions are completely covered. After 10 more minutes rinse off the excess salt and carefully squeeze out the excess water. Add the juice of the 2 limes until the onion is covered and let it sit on the counter. After a while the onions and the juices start turning a bright purple. When doing this also carry on with he rest of the preparations.

Special Sauce

Mix Half of the Mayo and all of the ketchup, add a dash of Mezcal or whiskey, add some chili flakes to add a bit of heat to your sauce.

Dressing Sauce

Mix the rest of the mayo with some mustard and add a dash of Mezcal and or Gin

The Salad

Clean the salad leaves in water chop very coarsely not too small otherwise everything gets soggy. 3 or 4 pieces of salad should cover one burger bun. Put the salad in a bowl with the dressing sauce, mix and set aside. At this point also wash the tomato and cut into fine slices as well as the pickles.

The Bacon

Get your strips of bacon on a baking tray into a pre heated oven of 150°. Sprinkle a little sugar over the top. When the bacon is crispy transfer to a plate and set aside.  Put the baking tray back in the oven.

The Burger

Split your ground beef into two equal parts and create two patties, do not over work the meat, rather handle it as least as possible. Put your skillet on the hob over high heat, just before the pan is hot season the burger with ample salt and pepper. Put some oil in the pan and bake the burgers a couple of minutes on both sides to how you want them.

When the meat has browned and is almost ready take the burgers out of the pan and place them in the baking tray that is still in the oven. Cover with the Cheese and let the cheese melt over them in the oven. Meanwhile in the skillet from the burgers lightly toast the buns. This will firm them up a bit and not let them get soggy with the liquid elements .

The Assembly

Get all of your ingredients ready and form a sort of assembly line for the burger. First put the special sauce on the inside of the top bun and place upside down on a plate. Take some of the salad and put it on the bottom bun. Now it is time to put on your burger, after the burger a slice or 2 of the tomato, a couple of pickles and a bit of the pickled onion to finish with the bacon you set aside. Now you can put the top bun on. Et voilà  your burger!


Ingredients for 2 persons


300 g. 80-20 Quality ground beef

2 Burger buns

4 Slices of bacon

1 small tomato

2 Sliches of cheese (old Gouda in my case)

1 red onion

 2 Juicy limes

1 tbs Ketchup 

1 tbs Mayonaise

2 tsp of Dijon mustard

A dash of Mezcal (optional) + Gin + Whiskey

1/2 tbs Salt

Salt and Pepper to season




Baking Tray



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